By Scott Reinhardt

If you’ve ever been to Gramercy Tavern, you’ve surely noticed our amazing floral arrangements and seasonal produce displays. Inspired by visions of 17th century taverns nestled in the countryside, these all-natural beauties are the work of Roberta Bendavid, Gramercy Tavern’s in-house floral designer who has been with us since opening day.

After 20 fabulous years in the fashion world, Roberta successfully transformed her lifelong love for flowers into a second career. While working for Blooming Hill Organic Farm in the Hudson Valley, Roberta brought flowers from the farm to sell at the Union Square Greenmarket. It was there one morning that she met Danny Meyer as he walked to work at his new restaurant, Union Square Cafe. A few years later in 1994, Danny brought Roberta on board for the opening of Gramercy Tavern…and the rest, as they say, is restaurant history in glorious petals, branches, leaves, fruits and vegetables.

Roberta and her staff arrive at the restaurant each morning (as they have been doing for 15 years) to change the flowers, freshen the “harvest table” and create stunning arrangements for events taking place in our Private Dining Room. Roberta is also responsible for our festive holiday displays. Over the years, she has evolved into the role of unofficial “Chief Interior Decorator” and consultant on all things visual! Having been fortunate enough to translate her passion into a career, Roberta says that she remains excited and inspired every day when she arrives at Gramercy Tavern. That goes double for our team, the appreciative admirers of her brilliant eye!

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  1. Torri Zaccagnino says:

    The beautiful flower arrangements are one of the things that my husband and I always enjoy when we come in from CT for dinner. I’m always excited to see what the new arrangement is at the end of the bar and sip my martini under it!

    Always a beautiful place and now I know who is behind all that creativity, bravo!

  2. Lucy Wollin says:

    I’ve often seen Roberta in the Greenmarket AND admired the flowers at Gramercy Tavern. It’s good to finally put the two together.

    Congratulations to Roberta on her beautiful arrangements!

    Lucy A. Wollin

  3. Fashion, fashion and and more fashion! That’s the spirit keep it up.

  4. Trixie says:

    This woman is crazy talented! Can’t imagine any D. Meyer establishment without her fantastic work. Kudos and nice to learn a little more about her!

  5. my dear friend roberta i could not be more proud of you than your mother i find you more of a person and more creative than ever love you your friend ellen

  6. dear roberta great with love ellen

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